​​Life is short - live it to the fullest for as long as you can!

who we are and why we do what we do

If you are a family member looking for senior

concierge services - 

Quality Senior Concierge is a non-medical care company and will not dispense or administer medication.

Serving these Triangle areas of North Carolina:
Durham and Durham County, Chapel Hill; Hillsborough; Orange County and Chatham County; Morrisville and Cary


Loneliness is a terrible feeling, especially if you just can't

do the things that you used to be able to do - or maybe you

just don't want to do them anymore - or quite possibly you

don't have time to do them because you're an active senior!  

It's also possible you don't want to burden your children with

that "to-do" list!  Whatever your situation, there are so many

things that Quality Senior Concierge can do for you.  We want

you to remain as engaged, confident and independent for as

long as you can. 

If you are the person looking for senior

concierge services - 

"Marlene has done a variety of services for me - from arranging my things in my new apartment in my retirement community to keeping me stay organized; along with helping me pay my bills on time and getting taxes ready for my accountant.  She always helps me decorate on Holidays and helps me remain the fabulous "talk-of-the-community" hostess I am used to being.  She's like having another daughter - without the guilt! "

          -- Liz C.  - Durham, NC

"Marlene helped me shop for most of my furniture and light fixtures.  She also arranged all my art on my walls when I didn't have a clue how to place them to show them off.  She organized and catered two large parties for me - she's a blast to work with and I know I can depend on her for both small and large projects."

          -- Dan W - Chapel Hill, NC

"You're really good at what you do because you can do almost anything. Without being told, you see things that need to be done and do them efficiently.  You're a tremendous cook and put together a delicious meal quickly, too.  I do not know what I would do without you - there is no one like you, Marlene!"

          --Beth M. -Durham, NC

Don't feel you're in this all alone.  There are 61.6 million

caregivers  in the United States today taking care of their

elderly parent(s). According to AARP one third of the family

caregivers describe their responsibilities as “highly stressful”

and cause them to be late for work, take leaves of absence or

have had other negative impacts on their job performance.  

This doesn't have to be you!  Rest assured knowing that you

can take some time off, go on vacation with your family and

that your parent(s) will be in good hands and in caring,

compassionate understanding company.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for older people - from when I was in kindergarten meeting Mr. Huntley at the street corner to walk with him, until this very day.  Quality Senior Concierge evolved from my organizing business where it seemed most of my clients were not only seniors, but also those that had some sort of challenge that prevented them from doing things that they used to be able to do.  I developed Quality Senior Concierge to provide the missing link between true independence and in-home health care, or as an addition to.  I have a great deal of experience in a lot of different situations with my clients and am able to adapt to their needs - my goal is to create a level of independence so integrity can be maintained. Just because a person is limited physically doesn't mean they have to be limited socially.  From assistance with bill pay to throwing a holiday gala, Quality Senior Concierge helps you feel independent and engaged in life; or lets you know that your loved one is being well taken care of. My passion and energy for what I do runs deep!

what new clients want to know:

Quality Senior Concierge is an insured North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation.

Dedicated to my parents - who lived and loved to the fullest until the very end.  I love and miss you both!